Birthday Gifts For Librarians That Are Totally Awesome!

Great birthday gifts for Librarians are those that help make the occasion special.  If the person you are shopping for has a wonderful sense of humor, get something funny.  Items that are unique can also be a big hit.  Daily use items that are practical should also be considered.  Have a look below and get some inspiration for finding the perfect present!

Birthday Gifts For Librarians

Birthday Presents For Librarians

"Literary Rebel" canvas tote bag by CafePress

“Literary Rebel” canvas tote bag by CafePress.  A fun idea for those with a sense of humor & a great way to haul around books and necessities.

"Unicorn Librarian" t-shirt by inktastic


“Unicorn Librarian” t-shirt by inktastic.  We all know how special Librarians are!  This great looking tee will let the whole world know.  It’s affordable, comfy & the design is super cute!

"I Never Dreamed I Would Be A Super Cool Librarian" mug by Mika Mugs

“I Never Dreamed I Would Be A Super Cool Librarian” mug by Mika Mugs.  Ideal for the person who loves drinking coffee or tea.  The funny saying across the front is sure to put a smile on the recipients face!

"Date Due Library Card" pendant necklace by Floriana

“Date Due Library Card” pendant necklace by Floriana.  Jewelry is always a coveted gift, especially when it’s something that can be worn everyday.  This colorful piece is original & adorable.

"Go Away I'm Reading" box sign from Primitives by Kathy

“Go Away I’m Reading” box sign from Primitives by Kathy.  Items that can be displayed on a desk or bookshelf are timeless as presents.  Here is a fun sign that delivers a witty message that’s sure to bring plenty of smiles.

"DIY Mini Library Kit" by Robotime

“DIY Mini Library Kit” by Robotime.  Great for both adults & kids, this miniature kit is sure to provide hours of enjoyment putting it together and admiring it after it’s completed.  A unique idea that is sure to be treasured.

"Cat Reading" resin figure by Young's


“Cat Reading” resin figure by Young’s.  Just about everyone into books loves cats, especially Librarians.  Great to display on a desk or on a shelf as a nick-nack, it’s simply lovely.

"Just One More Chapter" throw pillow case cover by Oh Susannah

“Just One More Chapter” throw pillow case cover by Oh Susannah.  An ideal present for the Librarian who loves to relax & unwind after a busy day by reading.  The design is cute & the saying is spot on!

"Lord Byron Stacked Books End Table" by Design Toscano


“Lord Byron Stacked Books End Table” by Design Toscano.  Unique & unusual, here is a wonderful piece of furniture that can be used as a nightstand or as a storage unit.  I’m sure the Librarian in your life is going to love this!

"Library Bookshelf Floor Mat" by RFTWQ

“Library Bookshelf Floor Mat” by RFTWQ.  Here is a fun way to add some color and class to your home decor.  It’s a stylish mat that would be perfect in the bathroom or to welcome visitors as a door mat.

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